About Us

Welcome to the Duke Global Entrepreneurship Network (DukeGEN).  

The goal of this group is to be a sophisticated and active network that helps create debate, dialogue, and lucky connections between Duke entrepreneurs.  We are providing the energy and coordination to encourage Duke entrepreneurs, around the globe, to connect and increase their chances of success. 

History: Started by Jon Fjeld, T. Reid Lewis, Howie Rhee with a connection by Danny Briere. Michael Cann presented a similar idea a couple months prior. Let's go Duke!


  • Matt Koidin '05, Co-Chair
  • T. Reid Lewis '84, Co-Chair
  • Howie Rhee '04, Co-Chair

Committee Chairs

Task Force - 2008-2009

DukeGEN had a Task Force that guided it's formation from April 2008 to September 2009

The DukeGEN Task Force is comprised of students, staff, and alumni from across Duke's many schools.

Steve Allan '08
Kurt Baumberger '89
Jan Bouten '03
Danny Briere '84 '85
Jed Carlson '05
Michael Cann, Jr. '95, Co-Chair
Rachael Chong '09
Mark Davis '01
Aiko Fushida '88
John Glushik '90
Matthew Kane, '06
Jesse Lipson '99
Mike Pisetsky, '08
T. Reid Lewis '84, Co-Chair
Taylor Mingos '07
Kira Wampler '04
Steven Warwick '08
Derek Wilson '86

Ex-Officio Members
Larry Boyd '07
Bobby Brenman '09
Jon Fjeld '90
Brad Fox
Erin Gasch '95, '03
Jeff Glass '99
Kim Hanauer '02
Cam Lawler '02, '08
Barry Myers '89, '91
Matt Nash
Tom Powell '09, Student Co-Chair
Howie Rhee '04, Co-Chair
Rose Ritts '84
Melda Uzbil '04