DukeGEN Entrepreneur Corps (DEC)

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The DukeGEN Entrepreneur Corps (DEC) will select 10 Duke undergrads for a unique, mentored, summer internship with Silicon Valley startups companies.
What is the DEC program?
As part of Duke's effort to increase entrepreneurship and innovative learning opportunities for current students, DukeGEN has created one-of-a-kind opportunity for hands on exposure to entrepreneurship, business, and technology during their undergraduate career. We will facilitate selection of 10 qualified Duke undergraduate students by 10 Duke-affiliated Silicon Valley startups for a summer internship. Student interns will work full-time for the startup alongside founders and early employees to experience for themselves the challenges and thrills of a career as an entrepreneur.  The internship will run for 8 weeks from June 4, 2012 to July 27, 2012. 

To guide students through the experience and compare notes with their undergrad peers, students will attend a weekly gathering with the other DEC interns and DSVIP (Incubator) interns to share experiences and learn from invited Duke alumni. The DEC program provides valuable opportunities for Duke undergraduates to gain first-hand experience, connect with Duke alumni, and work in Silicon Valley. DEC suggest students apply for Duke University Career Center Internship Funding.
Who should apply for this program?
If you are motivated, entrepreneurially-minded, want to experience Silicon Valley, and want to make an impact as part of a startup team, then we want you.

 What kinds of startups will hire interns as part of this DEC program?
The startups involved in the summer 2012 internship offering include various aspects of the high tech industry sector including internet, infrastructure, mobile, digital media, gaming, and internet services. You will have the opportunity to designate some of your preferences in the DEC application as explained below.

Some of the companies looking for interns include:
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