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Find Duke Startups

This is a partial listing of startups that are affiliated with Duke University in some way (either licensed from Duke or started or run by a Duke alumnus or student)

Know of a startup that should be on this list?  Let us know at http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?hl=en&formkey=cGFZSGhqNnB0Tzl0cEJzRl9Cb21lR3c6MA..

ActiveWords Inc

The ActiveWords vision is to empower people by applying ActiveWords across all computing environments and platforms. People will get the results they want from all devices by selecting, entering, or speaking the words they associate with their desired results. This interface is consistent across all devices and integrates seamlessly with all other user interface elements.If you want a stock quote for IBM; just enter the word ibm on your cell phone, PDA device, desktop PC, or other networked device. You are immediately presented with the quote along with other links pertaining to IBM. Your words give you instant access to what you want, when you want it, consistently personalized to your needs, on any computing device.

Website: www.activewords.com

Who: Burton Bruggeman (Seattle, Washington)

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/ppl/webprofile?action=vmi&id=1590&pvs=pp&authToken=Jf0l&authType=name&trk=ppro_viewmore&lnk=vw_pprofile

Location: Orlando, Florida

Advanced Liquid Logic

For almost a decade co-founders Michael Pollack and Vamsee Pamula have been pursuing a better way to do microfluidics. Inspired by the electronics industry and the transition from analog to digital devices, the concept of “Digital Microfluidics” was born in the engineering labs of Duke University. After several years of research the co-founders and their collaborators decided that the technology was ready for commercialization.In 2004, Advanced Liquid Logic was formed. The team was soon joined by an experienced CEO and successful entrepreneur, Richard West. The company quickly grew – adding experts in the fields of biochemistry, engineering, manufacturing and product development. More innovation followed, accumulating over 80 issued and pending patents and enabling elegant solutions to complex fluidic problems.

Website: www.liquid-logic.com

Who: Vamsee Pamula

Michael Pollack

Rich West

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/0/361/a64, http://stlouis.bizjournals.com/triangle/stories/2007/10/08/story6.htmlhttp://www.utdallas.edu/research/fyi/061103/venture_capital.html

Location: Morrisville (RTP), North Carolina


Affinergy develops site-specific biological systems using biofriendly linkers that selectively adhere to proteins, drugs, cells, and biomaterial surfaces in order to kickstart biology toward an intended outcome. Affinergy is focused on developing coatings and medical devices for the orthopedic and cardiovascular markets. Affinergy's technology was patented at Duke University and was awarded 2005 Innovation of the Year by Frost & Sullivan in the category of Medical Device Coatings.

Website: www.affinergy.com

Who: Dan Kenan

Jonathan Gindes

Profile: http://memp.pratt.duke.edu/dr-dan-kenanco-founderaffinergy-inc-01162009, http://www.affinergy.com/about.html

Location: Durham (RTP), North Carolina


Agarigen, Inc. is a privately held Delaware corporation dedicated to harnessing the remarkable biological productivity of the common mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) for the manufacture of biologics (biopharmaceuticals, therapeutic proteins).  Compared to conventional cell culture technologies, Agarigen’s Mushroom-made Pharmaceuticals (MMP™) system can deliver high-quality therapeutics at a fraction of the current manufacturing cost, time, and start-up capital.  The favorable economy, rapid growth cycle, and high biomass output of the mushroom make the MMP™ system the most efficient and effective approach to the manufacture of biologics.

Website: www.agarigen.com

Who: Brett Lund (Denver, Colorado)

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/brettlund

Location: RTP, North Carolina

A-Ha! Learning Partners

A-Ha! Learning Partners is a community of parents and child development specialists committed to taking an informed & active role in their children's learning and development.

Website: http://www.ahalearning.com/

Who: Don Burton

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/donburtonorg

Location: New York City, New York

Akira Technologies

Akira technologies is an integrated an pioneering one-stop solutions shop for total e-businesses service. It was founded with a clear focus and a vital purpose in mind: to proactively evaluate the advances of the IT industry and apply them to your ever increasing business needs. Akira offers customized and comprehensive solutions, which complement your business and technical objectives.

Website: www.akira-tech.com

Who: Srinivas Chennamaraja (Washington D.C. Metro Area)

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/srinivasrchennamaraja

Location: Reston, Virginia

Artemis Editing, Artemis Essays

Artemis Editing leverages the broad experience and depth of knowledge of a network of seasoned professionals to provide writing, editing, proofreading, indexing and graphic design services to several markets. The firm also partners with companies that outsource their communications and marketing functions.

Artemis Essays helps high school students with regular coursework as well as college application essays and personal statements.

Website: http://www.artemisessays.com, http://www.artemisessays.com

Who: Diana Ascher

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/dianaascher

Location: Greater Los Angeles, CA Area

Atlas Digital Solutions

Atlas Digital Solutions customizes cost efficient solutions that eliminate the risks otherwise associated with protection of vital information, satisfy legal and regulatory compliance mandates, and assure business continuity. As a leader in global data storage solutions, Atlas Digital Solutions simplifies and seamlessly automates the management of multi-vendor enterprise data storage and protection environments. By outsourcing these essential functions, our clients dramatically reduce costs, optimize performance, and eliminate risk of loss of critical data through state of the art storage and backup solutions, while refocusing valuable IT resources.

Website: www.atlasdigitalsolutions.com

Who: David Johnson (Greater NYC Area)

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/dljohnson

Location: New Jersey; Illinois; Virginia


Beer Universe

Beer Universe's goal is to provide the users with the most comprehensive beer database on the web – complete with profiles, user reviews and contact information, as well as access to a Beer of the Week program, and a 'Universal Store' made up of the best beer related products available on the web. Through these offerings, we are able to provide users with exposure to new brands and greater knowledge about their favorites – thus creating a medium to obtain more aptitude about the universe of beer. At Beer Universe, we seek to bridge the gap between beer enthusiasts and the breweries responsible for bringing these great beers to the marketplace.

Website: www.beer-universe.com

Who: Arup Banerjee (Washington D.C. Metro Area)

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/arupbanerjee

Location: Chicago, Illinois

BioResource International, Inc.

BRI is a global biotechnology company that offers cost-effective solutions to promote animal nutrition and environmental responsibility worldwide. At BRI, we bring innovation to work everyday. We discover and develop animal feed enzyme products that improve profitability and reduce the environmental impact of animal production.

Website: www.briworldwide.com

Who: Giles Shih, Juan Carlos Rosa-Medina

Profile: http://www.briworldwide.com/profile/people.aspx, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/juan-carlos-rosa-medina/5/8/b33, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/giles-shih/0/584/824

Location: Raleigh-Durham (RTP) North Carolina Area

Bizo, Inc.

Bizo has created a new approach to online B2B marketing with precise ad targeting that's based on a prospect's business demographics - industry, functional area, seniority, size of company, education, sex, location and more. This unique understanding of a person’s bizographics allows Bizo to deliver powerful business ad targeting based on these attributes.

Website: www.bizo.com

Who: Russell Glass, Donnie Flood

Profile: http://www.bizo.com/about/team, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/russell-glass/0/51a/857, http://www.linkedin.com/in/donnieflood

Location: San Francisco, California

Black Mamba Productions

Black Mamba Productions is a company that is entirely at the client’s service with the vision of being a unique film production company for all. This is attainable through a moving production bureau. This positions the company as an agent. The company will be able to fully handle funded projects and will work closely with clients on the development of their existing concepts with the utmost professionalism and sincerity.The company will be able to fully handle funded projects and will work closely with clients on the development of their existing concepts with the utmost professionalism and sincerity.

Website: www.blackmambapro.com

Who: Morris Lwenya (Bakersfield, California Area)

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/morris/lwenya

Location: City Square, Nairobi


BlueStripe was formed to change the way companies manage applications. Our products provide the visibility and tools that enable our customers to understand how and why their business-critical applications behave as they do - whether the applications reside in a physical or virtual environment.

Website: www.bluestripe.com

Who: Vic Nyman (Greater Boston Area)

Profile: http://bluestripe.com/company/, http://www.linkedin.com/ppl/webprofile?action=vmi&id=2265485&pvs=pp&authToken=Natc&authType=name&trk=ppro_viewmore&lnk=vw_pprofile

Location: Morrisville (RTP), North Carolina

Boardroom Couple

Improving conference table to dinner table relationships!

Boardroom Couple is based on the philosophy that couples can work together successfully to make their businesses and marriages stronger.  While many people maintain their marriage could never survive working with their spouse, we like to point out that the survival of our ancestors was based on successfully working with your spouse to manage the family farm. The company offers resources and advice to entrepreneurial couples.

Website: http://BoardroomCouple.com

Who: Leonard Magro

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/leonardmagro

Location: Greater Detroit, Michigan Area


Boliven is an independent research company focused on helping business development and financial professionals discover, analyze, and value new technologies, products, and companies; and partner with the leaders behind them. Boliven Research Solutions are industry-focused solutions that connect a broad array of data sources to support the time-sensitive decision-making needs of business development and investment professionals operating in the life sciences and technology industries. The various data sources that form the basis for our industry-focused research solutions are also available as individual research products and cover diverse areas such as scientific and technical publications, drugs, medical devices, patents, clinical trials, and trademarks.

Boliven is backed by leading angel and venture investors and entrepreneurs with a proven track record of building great growth companies.

Website: www.boliven.com

Who: Thomas Lehrman

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/thomas-d-lehrman/0/55/549

Location: New York City, New York

Brownstone Investment Group

Since its inception in 1998, Brownstone Investment Group LLC has carved out a distinct niche within the financial community. The firm focuses exclusively on trading and investing in the fixed income marketplace through wholesale transactions within the broker dealer community. The firm neither carries any retail or institutional accounts nor charges any commissions or fees. It is this unique and unbiased approach that enables Brownstone to direct its significant resources towards the regional dealer and bank community in an ethical, impartial and transparent fashion.

Website: www.brownstone.com

Who: Douglas Lowey (New York City)

Profile: N/A

Location: New York City, New York



Bunk1 provides summer camps with password protected Community features such as online photo galleries, camper email, & fax-back reply systems as well as full websites, staffing services and a widely used summer camp search engine.

Website: www.bunk1.com

Who: Ari Ackerman (New York City)

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/3/365/8ab, http://www.worldjewishnewsagency.org/people_and_profiles.htm

Location: New York City, New York

Business Success Strategists

At Business Success Strategists, we provide custom, high quality, business consulting services to C-level business managers and owners of entrepreneurial and established, small and medium-sized businesses.  Integrity and ethics are of paramount importance in working with our clients.  We consistently strive to meet or exceed our client’s consulting needs and expectations. How is your business doing in these economically turbulent times?  Like all things, this too will pass.  When it does, you'll want your business to be positioned to capture your share of the market!    Actually, this may be the perfect opportunity to think about where you'd like your business to be.  Business Success Strategists, LLC can facilitate that process.

Website: www.businesssuccessstrategists.com

Who: Rebecca Kuprowicz

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/rebecca/kuprowicz

Location: RTP, North Carolina

Campus Destinations

Campus Destinations is the premier mapping and informational services company for college campuses. Campus Destinations mission is “to save students time and money” by eliminating inefficient ways of allocating their schedule and funds and creating an interactive portal that enables them to profit from the correction of this externality. Campus Destinations also strives to establish relationships with other college-based companies in order to provide the best possible service to the university student population. The Campus Destinations software team specializes in using Web 2.0 technologies to create platforms with both customization and scalability in mind.

Website: www.campusdestinations.com

Who: Arup Banerjee

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/5/154/bb6, http://www.updatapartners.com/web/module/press/newsid/62/interior_partnersteam.asp

Location: Washington D.C. Metro Area


Capitol Solutions

CAPITOL SOLUTIONS® is a small, bipartisan government relations firm that has provided customized lobbying services to FORTUNE 500 companies, industry associations, and non-profit organizations since 1998. Our team of professionals has over 50 years of federal government relations experience. At CAPITOL SOLUTIONS®, we use our skills as legislative strategists and our expertise in federal budget and appropriations process to help our clients achieve their policy objectives.

Website: www.capitolsolutions.com

Who: David Taylor

Profile: http://www.capitolsolutions.com/david_taylor.aspx, http://www.leadershipdirectories.com/GAYBInfo/David_Taylor_Partner_and_Chief_Executive_Officer_Capitol_Solutions_Government_Relations_Consultants_LLC.html

Location: Washington D.C.


Carina Cellars

Our goal at Carina Cellars is a simple one: to produce top-quality Santa Barbara County Rhône wines that showcase and emphasize terroir above all else. We partner with growers who share our philosophies on farming – a dedication to canopy management, low yields and vine balance. Our winemaking approach is traditional and minimalist. The resulting wines are rich in traditional varietal flavors and aromas - Viogniers full of tropical fruit and spring flowers, dark, spicy Syrahs and intense, blackcurranty Cabernet Sauvignons. Carina Cellars produced only 2,000 cases in 2004, but as Colman Andrews of Saveur magazine writes of Tensley, "Tiny quantities, big talent budding here."

Website: http://carinacellars.com

Who: David Hardee (Santa Barbara, California Area)

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/0/21/68b

Location: Los Olivos, California


Catchafire will ignite a movement of pro bono volunteerism to increase the power that nonprofits have in serving our communities.  We will take a fresh approach to volunteerism by combining web-based search functionality that matches nonprofits and professionals based on their skills with the power of a dynamic online community to create knowledge-driven, deep, and meaningful relationships between the nonprofit and professional worlds.

Winners of the Duke Start-Up Challenge Social Ventures Track 2009

2nd Place at the $250K DFJ East Coast Venture Challenge 2009

Semifinalist at the Dell Social Innovation Competition 2009

Website: www.catchafire.org

Who: Rachael Chong

Profile: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rachael-chong/all-volunteers-are-not-cr_b_218416.html


CedarCroft Homes

For 15 years, our goal as home builders in Charlotte NC has been to create beautiful neighborhoods filled with Charlotte North Carolina homes that harmonize with the environment and enrich the quality of life for families. Our commitment to quality, functional space and architectural aesthetics at the very best price continues to make our homes the place you’ll want to come home to. As a recent visitor to our Mooresville community who currently lives and works in Charlotte said, “this is how coming home should feel.”

Website: www.cedarcrofthomes.com

Who: Frank Jacobus

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/charlottenclanddeveloper

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina


In 2004, Centice was founded to commercialize patented and patent-pending computational sensor technology originally developed at Duke University. Although our technology has multiple applications, Centice has focused on the development of the PASS Rx system – a pharmaceutical verification product. The PASS Rx system improves the verification process for dispensed medications, thereby increasing patient safety, reducing human error and streamlining the pharmaceutical dispensing process.

Website: www.centice.com

Who: David Brady, Scott Albert

Profile: http://centice.com/about/board-of-directors/#david, http://centice.com/about/executive-team/#scott

Location: Morrisville (RTP), North Carolina

Challenge Games

Challenge Games creates online, short-form asynchronous games that can be played in 3-10 minute time increments.

Website: http://www.challengegames.com/

Who: Andrew Busey

Profile: http://www.crunchbase.com/person/andrew-busey, http://www.challengegames.com/about.php

Location: Austin, Texas Area


Chordoma Foundation

The Chordoma Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to curing chordoma. It was incorporated in February, 2007 by Dr. Simone Sommer, and her son Josh, after he was diagnosed with a chordoma in 2006, during his freshman year at Duke University. Since his diagnosis, Josh has worked in an oncology lab at Duke to find his own cure. Currently, we operate with seven volunteer board members, numerous scientific and medical advisors, and two part time staffers. Our dedicated board members have extensive experience in medicine, public health, nonprofit management, venture capital, technology transfer, and law.

Website: www.chordomafoundation.org

Who: Josh Sommer

Profile: http://www.chordomafoundation.org/about/ourstory.aspxhttp://www.newsobserver.com/news/story/845627.html

Location: Greensboro (RTP), North Carolina


CoaLogix is focused on providing cutting edge services to coal-fired generating facilities to reduce their environmental footprint through technology, optimization and efficiency improvements. CoaLogix currently owns SCR-Tech which provides SCR (selective catalyst reduction) services to power plants, including a proprietary technology to regenerate catalyst. It is a  unique company that specializes in filtering out harmful agents from coal-fired plant emissions, has secured $11.5 million to deploy its technology for more electric utilities.

Website: http://www.coalogix.com/

Who: Bill McMahon

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/5/23b/728

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Consumer United

Consumer United is a group formed to get better deals on phone, Internet, cable, insurance, personal banking, utilities and gasoline from leading providers. Our goal is to help you get rid of hidden fees, improved customer service and $1,000+ in annual savings. Consumer United selects the best service providers in each category and negotiates better deals for our members. We pick the best provider and receive a payment from the provider, when a member decides to enroll for a service through us. Our commercial relationships with each service provider are in place to help make the switching process as convenient as possible for our members, and in some cases we can offer exclusive deals that are not available directly from the provider.

Website: www.consumerunited.com

Who: Justin Dangel

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/1/aa0/b45, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiKKaka-KJU

Location: Boston, Massachusetts


Basil founded CoverHound in May 2010 to provide people with a smarter way to find the best car insurance policy at the best price.

Prior to founding CoverHound, Basil was Vice President of Business Development at InsWeb, the web's most well-respected insurance lead aggregator.  In that role, Basil developed and managed partnerships with dozens of the country's top car insurance carriers.  In his four years at InsWeb, Basil also had the pleasure of building and managing a great inside sales, customer service and agent education team as AgentInsider Product Manager. Basil got his start at InsWeb as Regional Sales Manager doing what he loves the most – getting out in the field, talking with insurance agents and helping them find new ways to grow their businesses.

Website: www.coverhound.com

Who: Basil Enan

Profile: www.dukegen.com/profiles/basilenan, http://www.linkedin.com/in/basilenan

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California

Cosmic Cantina

Cosmos Lyles started Cosmic Cantina, a collegiate based burrito restaurant, near Duke University's East Campus when he was a senior at the school. Its Northern-California style burritos have also been successful in the Cantina's other locations; Chapel Hill and New York City.

Website: N/A

Who: Cosmos Lyles

Profile: http://events.nytimes.com/gst/nycguide.html?detail=restaurants&id=1002207971987

Location: Durham, Chapel Hill (RTP), North Carolina; New York City, New York

Corporate Performance Artists

Joseph Franklyn McElroy '84 and his wife Donna founded Corporate Performance Artists to be a leading online marketing and technology agency. They see online marketing as a response center to capture the traffic a company's media efforts drive online.  Their methods include a comprehensive Research & Discovery process, Strategic Consulting and Brand Positioning,  Search Engine Optimization, and an effective and compelling Design and Content Strategy.  CorporatePA has also developed a brand-new proprietary reporting technology to measure the percentage share of a search vertical a company has captured with its search marketing efforts. With a team that includes acclaimed designers and creatives, veteran consultants with cross-channel media experience, and cutting-edge technical experts, Corporate PA is all-in-one online agency. 

Website: www.corporatepa.com

Who: Joseph McElroy

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/josephmcelroy

Location: New York City, New York


Curaspan is an application service provider that links hospitals and nursing homes to facilitate transfer of patients and their medical records.

Website: www.curaspan.com

Who: Ken Manning

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ken-manning/0/740/815

Location: Greater Atlanta, Georgia Area


The Leader in Personalized News: DailyMe is changing the way news is read and delivered with its advanced personalized news experience that meets the needs of modern–day consumers by combining the best of journalism, technology, and community. DailyMe was founded in 2005 to deliver the best personalized news experience and is managed by an experienced team of news, media and technology executives with rich backgrounds in traditional and interactive media, web programming, news personalization and development.

Eduardo Hauser has 18 years of online and offline media experience in his prior roles including: Founder & Executive Vice President, AOL Latin America; Vice President of News and Information, Venevision (the 2nd largest producer of Spanish language programming in the world) and Managing Director, Cisneros Group of Companies. Hauser is active in supporting the development of media, journalism and free speech; he is a member of the Board of Directors of NPR (National Public Radio), the Journalism Advisory Board of the Knight Foundation and the Board of Visitors of Duke University's School of Law.

Website: www.dailyme.com

Who: Eduardo Hauser

Profile: www.dukegen.com/profiles/eduardohauser, http://www.linkedin.com/in/eduardohauser

Location: Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area

Daylight Network

Daylight Network, which can be found at www.daylightnetwork.com is a free site that allows anyone to audit government performance, take action, and create real change: follow the money through interactive graphs of the entire federal budget, Predict what government will do through the Daylight $5000 Obama Prediction Market, where members can apply their knowledge to predict key developments during President Obama's first 100 days in office.

Website: www.daylightnetwork.com

Who: Aaron Day

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/aaronday

Location: Boston, Massachusetts


Dori Klass and Associates

We believe that all of this begins with the individual and with a commitment to becoming as mindful, conscious, strong, powerful, self-confident, self-assured and successful as is possible. We know that there are powerful and productive programs available today, such as ours, which enable each one of us to do this personal growth and development work essential to optimizing one's circumstances, resources and potential. We are committed to lifelong learning, growth and personal and professional transformation, ours and yours.  Consequently, we continue to invest in programs that enable us to do this work as well.

Website: www.doriklass.com

Who: Dori Klass (San Diego, California Area)

Profile: http://www.doriklass.com/about.html, http://www.linkedin.com/ppl/webprofile?action=vmi&id=2893964&pvs=pp&authToken=PAmS&authType=name&trk=ppro_viewmore&lnk=vw_pprofile

Location: Oro Valley, Arizona

dotFX Inc.

dotFX is a pioneering software company that has led the breakthrough in click to run software for the next generation of rich, collaborative internet applications. The dotFX technology provides unrivalled features for building reliable, scalable, interactive, collaborative, and connected applications with unprecedented ease. dotFX is a company focused on Web 3.0

Website: www.dotfx.com

Who: Pete Hartigan (San Francisco Bay Area)

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/pete/hartigan

Location: Redwood City, California


ecoFridge is the first and only transport refrigeration system to operate in complete silence – no moving parts, no harmful emmissions and absolutely, no noise. Designed and manufactured in Europe by Ukram Industries, ecoFridge systems are set to revolutionise the way in which the transport world controls the temperature of perishable goods. Fundamentally different from mechanical refrigeration systems, ecoFridge is nitrogen powered and thereby completely harmless to the environment.

Website: www.ecofridge.info

Who: Thomas Roller

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/thomas-roller/1/965/a28

Location: Indianapolis Indiana Area

Elegua Consulting

Our mission is to provide strategic communication, capacity building, and strategic consulting to leaders of developing countries in the area of internal security and on quality of life issues that are critical to building a peaceful society. With a focus on Sub Saharan Africa, our goal is to assist leaders in providing a secure environment for their people thereby facilitating the social and economic development of the country and its citizens.

Website: www.eleguaconsulting.com

Who: Euseekers Williams

Profile: http://www.eleguaconsulting.com/team.htm

Location: Washington, DC

Endorse for a Cause

Endorse for a Cause (EFAC) is a social media service that lets you earn money for your favorite causes. Shop online at EFAC or leading retail sites, share your favorite brands and products through Facebook and Twitter, and score big for the charities that mean the most to you. As you and your friends click through and shop and endorse certain brands and products, EFAC will collect money from the retailers and give to your favorite cause. Shop, share, and make a difference in the world.

Website: www.endorseforacause.com

Who: Ed Trimble

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ed-trimble/0/8b8/b4, Press release, TechCrunch article

Location: Greater Atlanta, GA Area

Enforta Wireless

Enforta was formed in October 2003 with the objective to provide broadband services using WiMAX and other advanced technologies in Russia's regional capitals. Enforta is a member of the 'WiMAX Forum®' and the 'Wireless Communications Association International.'

Website: www.enforta.ru

Who: Lee Sparkman

Profile: http://www.maravedis-bwa.com/article-70.html, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/1/675/946

Location: Moscow, Russia

Eno Sports

Eno is a fast-growing lifestyle fashion company. Headquartered in shanghai, eno designs, manufactures and retails a branded line of streetwear in collaboration with artists, musicians and students from china and around the world. Eno currently operates nine stores in China - two in Beijing, five in Shanghai and two in Kunming.

Website: www.eno.cn

Who: Renee Hartmann

Profile: http://thechinabusinessnetwork.com/Retail-FMCG/Introduction-To-Renee-Hartmann-Co-Founder-of-Eno.html

Location: Shanghai, China


Based in Shanghai China, enoVate is a consumer insights and design consultancy that helps companies seeking to better understand and target the China youth consumer. enoVate provides market entry, market research, ideas and insights, product design, graphic design, innovative campaigns and branding consulting services.

Website: www.enovatechina.com

Who: Renee Hartmann, John Solomon

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/renee-hartmann/0/287/544

Location: Shanghai, China


FanPrice.com wishes to create a positive and safe experience for Fans wishing to buy tickets. FanPrice.com puts this desire for a positive customer experience into writing with this Ticket Guarantee, which makes sure that tickets will arrive on time for the event and will be refunded if it canceled in anyway. FanPrice has links to concert, theatre, football, baseball, hockey, soccer, and Broadway tickets.

Website: www.fanprice.com

Who: Jeff Berman

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/0/69/48b

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California


FastEMC® medical billing software is a billing service on your desktop. Whether you have existing practice management software or not, FastEMC is the most affordable, efficient way to handle your claims data. FastEMC eliminates long delays and lost claims to help you make the most of your practice.

Website: www.fastemc.com

Who: Andrew Turnbull

Profile: N/A

Location: Durham (RTP), North Carolina


Flat World Knowledge

Flat World Knowledge is a new approach to college textbooks. We preserve the best of the old - books by leading experts, rigorously reviewed and developed to the highest standards. Then we flip it all on its head. Our books are free online. We offer convenient, low-cost choices for students – softcovers for under $30, audio books and chapters, self-print options, and more. Our books are open for instructors to modify and make their own (for their own course - not for anybody else's). Our books are the hub of a social learning network where students learn from the book and each other. Flat World Knowledge. Because great minds are evenly distributed. Great textbooks are not. Until Now.

Website: www.flatworldknowledge.com

Who: Jeff Shelsted

Profile: http://www.flatworldknowledge.com/our-team, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jeff-shelstad/3/a8a/282

Location: Nyack, New York


FlightCaster predicts flight delays--helping travelers re-route to arrive on-time.

Website: www.flightcaster.com

Who: Jason Freedman

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonfreedman

Location: Greater Boston Area, Massachusetts

Flipgloss Media

FlipGloss is an interactive photo experience that lets you flip, hover and discover. FlipGloss offers a fun way to browse photo content with visual links to inspiring objects, places and people across fashion, living, travel, culture and other categories. FlipGloss Media, Inc. was founded in early 2008 with backing from Forbes Media. FlipGloss is based in Venice, CA and New York City.Our backgrounds span Yahoo!, New York Times Digital, Microsoft, Napster, Monster.com, Electronic Arts and Instyle Magazine, as well as startups that brought us to those big companies including LAUNCH.com (now Yahoo! Music) and Abuzz.com (acquired by New York Times Co.).

Website: www.flipgloss.com

Who: Kerry Trainor (Greater Los Angeles Area)

Profile: http://www.flipgloss.com/about/, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/kerry/trainor

Location: Venice, California


Flytxt is the leading technology provider for Mobile Marketing 2.0. Neon, the carrier-class integrated mobile marketing platform from Flytxt enables mobile operators and service providers to unlock the huge potential of mobile as a customer engagement channel. Flytxt was founded by mobile marketing experts with over 9 years of domain experience. They pioneered the mobile marketing agency business with many successful projects including Orange Wednesdays and Cadburys Txt ‘n’ Wins. Flytxt has won several awards from reputed industry forums including MMA Global for its path breaking innovations and mobile marketing campaigns.

Website: www.flytxt.com

Who: Pamir Gelenbe (London, United Kingdom)

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/pamir, http://cll.bizjournals.com/gen/executive.html?excode=64ED919D0A10443BBFBC7AEA2A3ADF5A, http://www.spoke.com/info/pNiSFR/PamirGelenbe

Location: Kerala, India



Fooala has built an open online ordering platform for restaurants to receive orders from any website, social network or mobile application device. With Fooala's open approach, restaurants will have numerous avenues to receive online orders and consumers will now have a way to place an order online wherever they are. Fooala unites the disjointed experience of visiting separate sites for restaurant discovery and making an order online.

Website: www.fooala.com, www.CollegeBite.com

Who: Moses Lee, Zach Cancio

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/moses-lee/8/38a/b89, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/zachary-cancio/7/450/96a

Location: Greater Pittsburgh PA Area

Frontier Renewables

Frontier Renewables is a global provider of renewable energy solutions for cities, corporations and residential developments. Addressing the surge in demand for clean energy, the firm develops, builds and operates utility scale projects. Frontier provides the complete package from initial analysis to the engineering, procurement and construction of the plants. Frontier leverages its architectural and engineering know-how to balance cost and efficiency. Frontier has assembled an experienced team with extensive engineering, architectural, general management, construction and finance backgrounds to bring projects to fruition. Frontier has offices in Europe and the U.S. and provides its services worldwide.

Website: www.frontier-renewables.com

Who: Balduin Hesse (Greater Los Angeles Area)

Profile: http://www.frontier-renewables.com/company/team.php, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/balduin/hesse

Location: Beverly Hills, California

Full Circle Wine Solutions

Based in San Francisco, Full Circle Wine Solutions is a global wine and spirits education firm that grows brand loyalty and client profits through tailored wine programs and effective hospitality training. Using a vast and established network of sommelier educators, we host high quality and consistent wine tasting experiences across multiple locations around the world. Each program is carefully tailored to clients? needs to achieve optimal results, creating signature programs that can help clients develop brand ambassadors, acquire new customers, retain employees, and train restaurant staff for stronger profit delivery.

Website: http://www.winecouch.com/index.php

Who: Limeng Stroh (San Francisco Bay Area)

Profile: http://www.winecouch.com/index.php/page/show/48http://www.linkedin.com/in/limengstroh

Location: San Carlos, California

Fullsteam Brewery

Durham, N.C.-based Fullsteam seeks to be the Great Southern Brewery -- the region’s most innovative and profitable brewery. Craft beer is booming in the South, with sales up 25 percent in 2007. Yet most of this growth comes from out-of-state craft beer brands, not North Carolina beer. We believe this is because the North Carolina beer drinker is a lot more adventuresome than most North Carolina brewers.

Let's face it. Beer has an image problem: a failure to communicate its agricultural foundation to the average consumer. Fullsteam seeks to bridge this gap by brewing with local farmed ingredients.  We're talking sweet potatoes, local honey, scuppernong grapes, rhubarb, even kudzu. By creating a distinctly Southern beer style, we hope to capture the imagination of not just the beer geeks, but food and wine enthusiasts as well. In fact, Fullsteam seeks nothing less than the full redemption of beer's image in the beautiful South.

We're a growth-oriented production brewery (not a brewpub) with a target opening in late 2009. We are looking for a few more investors! Tell your friends you've invested in a brewery! Guaranteed fun...and the hope of great profits. Cheers!

Website: www.fullsteam.ag

Who: Sean Wilson

Profile: http://www.newsobserver.com/166/story/1354209.html, http://www.linkedin.com/in/seanwilson

Location: Durham (RTP), North Carolina

Gauntlet Commercial Real Estate Capital

Gauntlet Commercial is a boutique commercial real estate focused investment bank providing capital as well as assets/transactions to private lenders, banks, high net worth individuals, sports figures, and funds.  If you have capital we will provide information on how you can generate solid returns in today's stressed commercial markets.  If you need capital we have investors in our offices every day looking for the right transaction.  We also provide investment banking and advisory services.  What's your capital challenge?

Website: www.gauntletcommercial.com

Who: Michael Clinton

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mikecmba

Location: Greater Los Angeles, California Area


Marketing Automation & Sales Lead Management

Genius.com provides leading on-demand Marketing Automation and Demand Generation software that uniquely integrates all marketing channels needed for a social marketing and selling approach. Genius' intuitive, instant-on sales lead management automates lead nurturing, tracks & scores prospect behavior, and provides real-time qualified lead alerts, to increase Sales connections and drive revenue.

Website: http://www.genius.com

Who: Scott, Mersy

Profile: http://www.genius.com/about/bios/ScottMersy.php

Location: San Francisco, California Bay Area


GoVasool.com is an online group shopping marketplace based out of Bangalore, India. It is a local web and phone based business that brings together people who want to buy the same consumer durable into a single online group. This enables local retailers to bid wholesale or bulk discounts for the whole group in a reverse auction process. Buyers benefit from lower prices and winning sellers benefit by the volumes they get to sell. Being a city-based local marketplace, GoVasool.com ensures that prevailing local buying culture and best practices are leveraged in order to minimize learning curves linked to internet-enabled transactions.

Website: www.govasool.com

Who: Srikanth Chunduri

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/srikanthchunduri

Location: Bangalore Area, India

Grassroots Bio

GrassRoots is an agricultural biotechnology company utilizing a Systems Biology Approach to develop new valuable crop lines for the biofuel, food and industrial markets. The company, formed in 2007, intends to commercialize  innovations and expertise developed by Dr. Philip Benfey at Duke University. Dr. Benfey is one of the world leaders in the fields of plant cell development and genomics.  His research in the areas of genomics and cell development form the core of our technologies which will provide a competitive advantage in bringing important new products to the agricultural markets.

Website: www.grassrootsbio.com

Who: Doug Eisner

Profile: http://www.grassrootsbio.com/Team.html

Location: Morrisville (RTP), North Carolina

The Green Cooling Group

The Green Cooling Core also features the world's first water cooler with adaptive cooling.

Website: http://www.greencoolinggroup.com/

Who: Dan Corkum, Rosanna Myers

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/rosannamyers, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dan-corkum/5/84A/160

Location: Greater Boston Area, Raleigh Durham (RTP) Area

Green Ivy Educational Consulting

Green Ivy Educational Consulting's believe that children should have the opportunity to believe in their own unique academic and extracurricular abilities. As featured in the New York Times, their innovative organizational strategies and study techniques help students dramatically improve their academic performance and reduce the stress and anxiety often associated with juggling a rigorous course load and extracurricular activities. In teaching organizational and time-management skills, Green Ivy enables students provide the framework for their own academic and personal success.

Most importantly, Green Ivy helps students start to think about pursuing their own personal passions, and empowers students to realize their full academic and personal potential.

Since founding Green Ivy Educational Consulting, Ana has become a nationally recognized innovator of motivational organization and time-management strategies for junior high and high school students. A graduate of Duke University, her upcoming book "That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week: Helping Disorganized and Distracted Boys Succeed in School and Life" will be published by Perigee (a division of Penguin Books) in January 2010.

Website: www.greenivyed.com

Who: Ana Homayoun

Profile: http://www.google.com/profiles/ana.homayoun, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ana-homayoun/3/386/478

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California

Groom Energy Solutions

Groom is a full service Energy Solutions provider, offering a broad range of energy savings programs. Our customer’s value the convenience of a construction management approach that Groom brings, by incorporating multiple technologies and vendors into one comprehensive solution. We have the size and flexibility to work with our customer’s staff, our own professionals, or 3rd parties to implement solutions.

Website: www.groomenergy.com

Who: Jon Guerster (Greater Boston Area)

Profile: http://www.groomenergy.com/our_team.html, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jon-guerster/0/123/284

Location: Salem, Massachusetts

Group Logic, Inc.

As a performance-focused software company, Group Logic has covered a lot of distance since opening its doors in 1988. We’ve successfully worked through more than 80 commercial releases, built an impressive client list of more than 4,000 leading companies, and won recognition and respect as a leader in our industry.  At Group Logic we look beyond the digital bells and whistles. This is still a people business, where commitment and reliability make all the difference in creating a lasting partnership. That’s why more than 4,000 top companies trust us every day to move their mission-critical data around their enterprise-and around the world using MassTransit Enterprise, ExtremeZ-IP and ArchiveConnect.

Website: www.grouplogic.com

Who: T. Reid Lewis ‘84, Derick E. Naef, III ‘90, David K. Stokely ‘84  (Washington D.C. Metro Area)

Profile: http://www.grouplogic.com/about-us/?fa=management-team, http://www.linkedin.com/in/reidlewis, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/derick-naef/0/121/834

Location: Arlington, Virginia

Gunther's Gourmet

Gunther's Gourmet creates delectable All-Natural Marinades, Vinaigrettes and Salsas. Born and raised in Roanoke, Virginia, the Lampros brothers set out on very different paths that eventually merged into what today has become Gunther’s Gourmet Groceries, LLC. Although each had worked in a variety of restaurants throughout their high school and college years, neither brother had seriously considered working with the other, much less together in the food industry. Older brother Nick, after graduating from Duke University in 1984 and Vanderbilt University School of Law in 1987, went into the private practice of law. Younger brother Mike, after graduating from the University of Richmond in 1988, continued to work in restaurants until deciding to attend the Culinary Institute of America, from which he graduated in 1991.

Website: www.gunthersgourmet.com

Who: Nick Lampros

Profile: http://www.gunthersgourmet.com/aboutus.asp

Location: Richmond, Virginia


Hannon Hill

Hannon Hill creates web marketing solutions that give people and organizations the freedom to manage their Internet, Intranet, Extranet and Portal content with ease. Our primary software solution, Cascade Server, is ideal for organizations in industries such as education, healthcare, technology, government, and publishing.

Website: www.hannonhill.com

Who: David Cummings

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/davidcummings

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Holiday Golightly

Holiday Golightly will recommend and book fantastically unique trip experiences that fit your group's interests and match your style, provide group travel planning coordination tools on the website – including calendar coordination (you know you need it), private discussion boards (although, remember, secrets don't make friends), and payment allocation tools – all tools you can use to help plan your trip even if we don't book it for you, as well as sharing reviews and recommendations.

Website: www.holidaygolightly.com

Who: Kerry Rupp

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/kerry/rupp

Location: Austin, Texas

Info Gears, Inc.

The InfoGears family of Software Solutions, Network Solutions, and Consulting Services are affordable integrated solutions for organizations that have outgrown their basic business software and static web site. InfoGears provides the IT infrastructure of a large corporation without the frustration or costs associated with managing complex systems. And we help you use these powerful solutions by providing the Professional Services and Consulting to ensure your success.

Website: www.infogears.com

Who: Craig Delger

Profile: http://www.infogears.com/cgi-bin/infogears/aboutus.html, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/craig-delger/2/a76/62

Location: Bozeman, Montana

Informed Clinical Sciences Corporation

The mission of ICSC is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of clinical care, enrich the healthcare experience, and advance the wellbeing of patients and their families through the use of the Internet and related technologies. This is accomplished through multidisciplinary scientific study and integrative technologic development that will establish intelligent informatics systems, pair healthcare participants and digital medicine symbiotically, attain informed and responsible patient engagement, appropriate medical resources effectively, and pioneer real-time evidence generation productively, all serving to improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

Website: www.icsciences.com

Who: Pete Nichols Jr.

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/petenicholasjr

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Integrated Oncology Solutions

IOS operates as a small-molecule drug discovery and development company. The Company's programs target nuclear receptor (NR)-based oncology applications. IOS 974, the Company's program which will start its Phase I development in 2008, is a clinical stage Selective Estrogen Receptor Degrader (SERD) breast cancer treatment. The Company's second program, Hematopoietic Stem Cell Expansion, is an approach based on a small molecule, nuclear receptor modulator agent to expand cord blood or bone marrow stem cells to treat a variety of serious and lethal blood diseases. ; Operates as a small-molecule drug discovery and development company.

Website: www.ioshealth.com

Who: Donald McDonnell

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/3/a66/785,

Location: Raleigh-Durham (RTP), North Carolina

iShoe, inc.

iShoe, Inc. is an early stage consumer health and medical device company dedicated to preventing falls in the elderly and advancing balance products across several consumer segments. The Company is a spinout of NASA/MIT/Harvard leveraging certified space technology and have received press in over 400 articles in 40 languages with features on CNN and other networks. We are currently raising our first major round of funding and plan to drive revenues within a year with an initial basic product launch and develop subsequent advanced products that will fit under the company's proprietary balance platform.

Website: www.i-shoe.net

Who: Evelyn Hu

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/evelyn-xinfeng-hu/7/360/468

Location: New York, NY

Intelligence Group

The Intelligence Group is a market research and trend consulting firm focused on understanding consumer culture and translating that knowledge into actionable insights. The Intelligence Group is the foremost expert on Gen X, Gen Y, and consumer culture, and offers a full range of research, consulting, and trend forecasting services. The company's in-depth understanding of the consumer allow them to apply knowledge to a variety of businesses and product categories.

Website: www.intelg.com

Who: Jane Buckingham (Greater Los Angeles Area)

Profile: http://www.aeispeakers.com/speakerbio.php?SpeakerID=1257

Location: New York, New York; Los Angeles, California

JUARA Skincare

JUARA is a lifestyle and skincare company inspired by the traditional herbal medicine of Indonesia. A founding member, Jill Sung, collaborated with 3 friends to launch JUARA 5 years ago. JUARA products can be found in high-end apothecaries, spas, and retailers across the USA and internationally.

Website: www.juaraskincare.com

Who: Jill Sung

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jill-sung/8/545/398

Location: Greater New York City Area

K3 Public Safety

K3 Public Safety (http://www.k3publicsafety.com/) operates an E-Commerce platform selling police equipment and tactical gear to the Law Enforcement, Military and Private Security Markets. K3 also provides specialized content and information to its customers through partnerships with outside content providers and subject matter experts. Founded in 2007, the company is privately funded and based in Palo Alto, CA.

Website: www.k3publicsafety.com

Who: John Kinnaman

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/john-kinnaman/0/916/78a

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California

KALYX Technologies

Along with a team of experts, including athletes, designers, reconstructive surgeons, structural engineers, and textile experts, KALYX  has developed the world's most advanced line of encapsulated sports bras. Our sports bras are designed for a wide range of activities.  KALYX products make it possible for the athlete in every woman to exercise comfortably, even under extreme conditions.

Website: www.gokalyx.com

Who: Kimberly Cayce (Greater Los Angeles Area)

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/kimberlycayce

Location: Venice, California



Keyhubs combines consulting services with its unique, online tool for mapping informal (human) networks in the workplace.  We uncover hidden talent, expose key influencers and identify high-performing teams to help organizations realize their full potential.  Keyhubs was inspired by coursework taught in Jack Soll's managerial effectiveness class (GEMBA '07).  Since launching the product in June of 2008, Keyhubs has worked with a diverse cross-section of clients including Barclays Capital, Accenture and Loyola University New Orleans.  Jack Soll and the Fuqua School are also champions, deploying the product in classrooms on a regular basis.

Website:  http://www.keyhubs.com

Who: Vikas Narula, Ron Dees

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/vnarula, http://www.fuqua.duke.edu/alumni/connect/pnews/072408-keyhubs.htm

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

King Imaging Enterprises

King Imaging Enterprises provides diagnostic imaging consulting, development, and ongoing management services for hospitals, physician practices, and independent imaging centers.

Website: n/a

Who: Chris King

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ckenterprises

Location: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas



Kosmedix has built a unique profile and vision. With dr. Maha lesch, a dermatologist and skin care scientist with more than a decade experience in the skincare industry, as its founder and with a wonderful team of experts kosmedix developed into an image beyond providing the basic skin care line. Kosmedix introduces to the market juviderm - a trendy high end skincare line with products that were researched and developed with an eye on results and pleasure of senses.

Website: http://www.alibaba.com/member/kos100.html

Who: Maha Lesch

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/drlesch

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California

LOC-AID Technologies, Inc.

LOC-AID is the world's largest location-enabling mobile transaction platform. Since inception LOC-AID has processed over 300 hundred million location-based queries on behalf of our customers. LOC-AID's carrier-grade location gateway is regarded as the wireless industry's benchmark for reliability, availability, coverage, quality and support.

Website: www.loc-aid.com

Who: Tom Stahl

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/tomstahl

Location: San Francisco, CA Bay Area

Luminosity Marketing

Luminosity Marketing offers strategic planning, marketing research, and media planning & buying solutions for advertising agencies, advertisers, media companies, and corporate clients. Luminosity specializes in content and connection planning including target development, competitive intelligence, touchpoint mapping, online/offline media, and ROI analysis.

Website: luminositymarketing.com

Who: Elizabeth Dolinski

Profile: http://luminositymarketing.com/pages/about/leadership_dolinski.php, http://www.linkedin.com/in/edolinski

Location: New York City, New York

Manning Applied Technology

MAT was founded in 1993 to provide consulting in the area of spectrometer design.

Website: www.appl-tech.com

Who: Chris Manning

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/christopher-manning/a/b2/854

Location: Spokane, Washington Area

MarketSquare Solutions

As a multitenant, on-demand platform, the M² Broadcast Platform is the no-IT solution for anyone with a message to broadcast. There’s no software or hardware to buy, install, maintain or upgrade. All you need is access to the Internet and you are good to go!

Website: www.marketsquaresolutions.com

Who: Kurt Baumberger

Profile: http://www.marketsquaresolutions.com/Company.aspx

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Memeo, Inc.

Memeo, one of the fastest growing digital media management companies in the world, was founded in 2003 and is based in Aliso Viejo, California. Memeo is dedicated to providing simple digital media management products for consumers and small businesses.

Meme (n). Definition: The transfer of a practice or idea that is transmitted from one mind to another.

In 2003, Memeo realized that the explosive growth of digital devices like digital cameras and portable media players would create an enormous demand for a better way to manage the growing size and volume of digital files. In the past, when consumers only had a few hundred files to save on a hard drive, “dragging and dropping” was an easy way to manage this process. Today, consumers have tens-of-thousands of files and multiple devices to manage making “dragging and dropping” files impractical and time consuming. Memeo revolutionized the industry by creating the most straight forward and simple to use media management software ever developed. Memeo LifeAgent technology makes it so simple that users can set up and begin automatically sharing favorites, sync work docs, or protecting their digital life in less than 60 seconds.

Website: http://www.memeo.com

Who: George Northup

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/georgenorthup

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California

mental_floss magazine

Mental Floss magazine offers a fun, irreverent look at knowledge and facts. As Pearson put it, "Our mission is to find anyway we can to blur the lines between education and entertainment." The founders started the venture at Duke University as a campus publication and quickly turned it into a national magazine. But they have pushed the brand further than the magazine -- producing books, board games, and soon a series of children's books.

Website: www.mentalfloss.com

Who: Mangesh Hattikudar

Will Pearson

Profile: http://www.inc.com/30under30/2007/22-pearson.html, http://www.mentalfloss.com/magazine/staff.php

Location: Birmingham, Alabama Area

Mindset Media

Mindset Media sprang from a simple conviction: that the internet is a brilliant direct response medium, but that it radically under serves brand marketers, who are rightly overwhelmed by its complexity and underwhelmed by its "one-to-one" and "click and buy" capabilities. Our product takes interactivity, the property that makes the internet special as a medium, and puts it to use for brand marketers on a mass scale.Our company can deliver in one simple media buy millions of people with the Mindset that matters most to your brand. No other company in any other advertising medium can do this.

Website: www.mindset-media.com

Who: Jim Meyer (Greater New York City Area)

Profile: http://www.mindset-media.com/about/team/

Location: Tarrytown, New York


Mint is fresh, intelligent online money management. With Mint, you can achieve better online financial management in less than five minutes. After that, revolutionary, patent–pending Mint money management software does the rest, with virtually no more work required. It automatically pulls together your bank, credit union and credit card data, and provides up–to–date and amazingly accurate views of your financial—life from the big picture to specific details, in a friendly and intuitive way.

Website: www.mint.com

Who: Aaron Patzer

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/apatzer, http://www.workhappy.net/2008/02/interview-wit-1.html, http://www.crunchbase.com/person/aaron-patzer

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California


Mixx is your link to the web content that really matters. There's a lot of information out there and, let's face it, you don't have all day to find the good stuff. And who knows better than you what informs you, what makes you think, what makes you laugh? Use YourMixx to tailor the content categories, tags, specific users and groups, and we'll deliver the top-rated content as chosen by you and people who share your passions. So go ahead and whip up your own version of the web. Just tell us how you like it Mixxed and we'll deliver the best the web has to offer—morning, noon and night.

Website: www.mixx.com

Who: Chris McGill

Profile: http://www.crunchbase.com/person/chris-mcgill, http://collective-thoughts.com/2007/11/28/what-a-mixx-up-interview-with-mixx-founder-chris-mcgill/

Location: Washington D.C. Metro Area


Neopatents’ believes in maximizing the value and commercial impact of intellectual property.  Our team of patent professionals leverage our proprietary software and methods to visualize and systematically analyze the landscape,  find exceptional value, and collaborate with our clients to provide answers and create positive impact.At Neopatents, our goal is to put business leaders in control of their patents.We feel that patents should serve the business and help it achieve its goals — you can almost think of them as employees. With Neopatents’ Patent Smart™ process, you can manage your patent activity like you manage other critical business processes.

Website: www.neopatents.com

Who: JiNan Glasgow


Location: Raleigh (RTP), North Carolina


Next Jump, Inc.

Next Jump, Inc. provides rewards and loyalty programs to corporations, affinity groups, and institutions. It offers events, offers, and retail opportunities to members in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The company also provides targeted marketing services, such as performance based pull marketing and email based push marketing to brand merchants.

Website: www.nextjump.com

Who: Greg Kunkel

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/greg-kunkel/0/17b/67b

Location: New York City, New York


NoodleTools, Inc.

NoodleTools, Inc., a California company incorporated in 2002. NoodleTools' flagship product, NoodleBib, has emerged as the leading bibliography software on the Internet, transforming bibliographic instruction methodologies in thousands of subscribing schools and libraries. The NoodleTools team offers expert help and unparalleled customer support to the students and professionals who depend on NoodleBib and other award-winning tools in the NoodleTools research suite.

Website: www.noodletools.com

Who: Damon Abilock

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/abilockhttp://www.noodletools.com/about/team.php

Location: Palo Alto, California


Oncoscope, Inc. develops proprietary optical imaging systems for guided biopsy in epithelial tissues in the esophagus, colon, lung, cervix, and bladder, where 85% of all cancers start.hese systems are non-invasive and are used during conventional endoscopic examinations. They provide an immediate measurement of the diameter and density of cell nuclei, an indicator of potentially cancerous growth.This information enables the physician to target suspect areas of tissue for conventional physical biopsy, reducing the cost, time, and uncertainty associated with existing random biopsy techniques.

Website: www.oncoscope.com

Who: Adam Wax

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/3/965/882, http://www.oncoscope.com/management.htm

Location: Durham (RTP), North Carolina


One Hundred Year Horizons

In One Hundred Year Horizons, we are committed to acknowledging our respective strengths, finding ways to make the best use of all of our strengths, while at the same time allowing ourselves and each other to be human. Our commitment to this work is supported by our commitment to our own health and well being, and to our relationships with colleagues, friends, family and community. We seek to cultivate an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust, in an environment of inclusion rather than exclusion, guided by the concept that those affected by decisions should be given the opportunity to participate in the decision making process.

Website: http://www.onehundredyearhorizons.com/

Who: Barbara Seiders

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/barbaraseiders

Location: Richland/Kennewick/Pasco, Washington Area

OnePark Systems

OnePark Systems is an innovator in the development of automation systems for commercial parking garages.  Our unique ViewPark product provides a state of the art parking detection and guidance system that can be upgraded to include a full security system, lighting control, vehicle identification, and revenue enhancement features such as reserved parking. Space specific occupancy data is fed in real-time to management systems software.  The data can be aggregated across space and time to create reports to aid in management decision making.

Website: www.viewparksystems.com

Who: Robb Cadwallader

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/7/b83/aa0

Location: Durham (RTP), North Carolina

Outside The Classroom

Outside The Classroom is a Boston-based company that was founded to address epidemic-level public health issues affecting education, corporate, and government institutions. The company's mission is to deliver tangible results to its customers by providing measurable reductions in the negative consequences associated with these health issues. In an effort to deliver on this promise, Outside The Classroom has remained focused on one of the largest of these problems: high-risk drinking.

Website: www.outsidetheclassroom.com

Who: Brandon Busteed

Profile: http://www.outsidetheclassroom.com/about/our_team/management.asp, http://www.forbes.com/2001/05/03/0503angels3.html, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/brandon-busteed/0/355/295

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Oyster Digital Media

Founded in 2007, Oyster Digital Media has developed the first end-to-end solution for retail digital media and merchandising. With a founding team of executives from retail technology, technology retail, merchandising and digital media, Oyster is creating a paradigm shift in the retail experience.

Website: www.oysterdigital.net

Who: Jordan Scott Baltimore

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/jordan%20scott/baltimore

Location: New York City, New York

Pando Networks

Pando Networks is a provider of peer-assisted media distribution services that enable content owners to cost-effectively distribute full-screen, HD media via the Web, RSS, Email, IM and portable devices. Pando’s patent-pending hybrid peer-to-peer platform combines commercial-grade content control with the network-effect of consumer super-distribution.

Website: www.pandonetworks.com

Who: Robert Levitan

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/robert-levitan/0/61/33b

Location: New York City, New York


Pardot is an innovative provider of on-demand interactive marketing solutions. Prospect Insight, Pardot's industry leading marketing automation suite, is used by hundreds of sales and marketing professionals each month due to its rich feature set, ease of use, and flexibility.

Website: www.pardot.com

Who: David Cummings

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/davidcummings

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Perez-Simmons Content Solutions

Perez-Simons Content Solutions provides Internet marketing services to small and medium-sized companies to bring traffic to their websites and increase revenue. Focused on our clients' goals, we develop and implement powerful and effective eMarketing strategies to increase ROI. We also offer web design, Spanish translations, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services in Spanish for companies interested in reaching the Hispanic market.

Website: www.perezsimons.com

Who: Mariela Perez-Simmons

Profile: http://www.perezsimons.com/ourblog/10-To-Watch-Mariela-Perez-Simons-Tapping-a-niche.html, http://www.linkedin.com/in/marielaperezsimons

Location: Greensboro, North Carolina

Performance Bike

Over twenty five years ago, Garry and Sharon Snook began Performance, Inc. in the basement of their home in Chapel Hill, NC. It has since grown into the nations leading Bicycle mail order and retail company.Performance, Inc. has thrived on its ability to meet and anticipate customer needs. We have offered a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all products sold since the early beginings of our company. This led to other equally significant services and policies like our Overnight Shipping and Price Protection Plan which allows you to receive your product the next business day at the best price.

Website: http://www.performancebike.com/

Who: Garry Snook

Profile: http://www.inc.com/magazine/19910801/4779.html, http://www.grandcanyontrust.org/about/board.php#garry

Location: Chapel Hill (RTP), North Carolina


POWERleap LLC is an emerging cleantech company that has developed a flooring system to generate electricity from activity. The Company plans to adapt its technology to both pedestrian and vehicular based applications. The Company has developed several prototypes and plans to install its first commercial pilots in late 2009.

Website: www.powerleap.net

Who: Andrew Katz

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/andrew-katz/4/909/534

Location: New York City Area, New York

Precision Biosciences

The Precision BioSciences mission is to utilize our revolutionary engineered endonucleases to become the world leader in the field of Genomic Molecular Biology. To meet this goal, Precision is broadly applying its DNE technology to genetic challenges requiring a high degree of precision such as genome engineering and gene therapy.Precision‘s technology was first developed in the Biochemistry Department at the Duke University Medical Center.  The technology and related patent applications have since been exclusively licensed to Precision BioSciences for all fields of use

Website: www.precisionbiosciences.com

Who: Matthew Kane

Bill Karpovich

Profile: http://www.precisionbiosciences.com/exec_mgmt.html

Location: Durham (RTP), North Carolina


Proventys is a healthcare technology company committed to advancing personalized medicine through validated predictive solutions delivered at the point of care. The company’s proprietary, web-based platform leverages validated risk models and other predictive technologies to help clinicians make complex treatment decisions personalized to the patient across a range of disease conditions. By helping clinicians predict individual patient outcomes and guiding appropriate care decisions, Proventys is enabling a prospective, personalized approach to healthcare.

Website: www.proventys.com

Who: Ralph Snyderman

Profile: http://www.proventys.com/en/AboutUs/Leadership.aspx?tab=2, http://people.forbes.com/profile/ralph-snyderman/76616, http://www.reuters.com/article/pressRelease/idUS49596+29-Nov-2007+PRN20071129

Location: Durham (RTP), North Carolina


Quanterix Corporation is developing a novel platform for single molecule analysis that will bring an unprecedented level of sensitivity, precision, and assay robustness to clinical diagnostics, drug development, and life science research. Our unique approach permits rapid quantification and analysis of individual proteins and small molecules within complex biological samples, enabling us to address a variety of unmet medical needs. Founded in 2007, Quanterix is backed by leading life science investors including ARCH Venture Partners, Bain Capital Ventures, and Flagship Ventures.

Website: www.quanterix.com

Who: Nick Naclerio (San Francisco Bay Area, California)

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/8/35b/682, http://www.quanterix.com/company/management.html

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts



Is your company courting women entrepreneurs and executives to boost sales and profits? Working women influence nearly 90% of all purchasing decisions and they are fiercely brand loyal. Nearly 90% use the same products and services at home that they use at the office. They are 3x more likely than men to tell someone about a customer experience. If you aren't connecting with working women, you are overlooking the fastest growing business segment.Re:invention helps companies gain this important sector of the market.

Website: www.reinventioninc.com

Who: Kirsten Osolind (Greater San Diego Area, California)

Profile: http://www.reinventioninc.com/, http://www.linkedin.com/in/osolind

Location: Chicago, Illinois


Rentcycle lets users search, compare and rent anything online. This online marketplace connects consumers with more than 30,000 rental businesses offering everything from power tools to cameras to bicycles. Our web-based solution is accessible from anywhere and allows for easy discovery, reservation management and booking around the clock! Often called OpenTable for the rental industry, Rentcycle was recently named to Entrepreneur Magazine's list of Top 100 Brilliant Companies of 2010.

Website: http://www.rentcycle.com

Who: Tim Hyer

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/timhyer

Location: San Francisco Bay Area


ReverbNation.com is a Music 2.0 company that is responding to the changing music business paradigm. We provide innovative marketing solutions that musicians need to compete, cooperate, and differentiate in an increasingly noisy online environment. Unlike typical "closed" communities, artists use ReverbNation as their home base for approaching marketing and promotion across the Internet as a whole — be it via social networks, blogs, or the artist's homepage. Tools like TunePaks, FanReach, and Widgets give the artist the power to spread their music and information virtually anywhere.

Website: www.reverbnation.com

Who: Jed Carlson (Raleigh-Durham (RTP), North Carolina)

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jedcarlson

Location: Durham, North Carolina; New York City, New York

Rutter's Holdings

Rutter’s Farm Stores debuted in 1967 as an additional outlet for Rutter’s Dairy products. Today, Rutter’s Farm Stores has more than 55 stores in York, Lancaster, Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin and Franklin counties.n 2005, Rutter’s Holdings Inc. was formed as a parent company for the three operating companies: Rutter’s Dairy, Rutter’s Farm Stores and M&G Realty. For its contributions to central Pennsylvania’s business community – in the form of leadership, innovation and growth – Rutter’s Holdings was named the Central Penn Business Journal’s Business of the Year for 2005.

Website: www.rutters.com

Who: Scott Hartman

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/scott-hartman/5/307/150

Location: York, Pennsylvania


SaasOptics is a business intelligence and analysis tool for subscription-based businesses with term contracts or recurring revenues. SaaSOptics makes it easy to manage, measure and share the business, financial, and operational metrics that are unique to subscription based businesses, including pure-play SaaS companies, software companies with SaaS initiatives, and companies with maintenance or other subscription contracts.

Website: http://www.saasoptics.com/

Who:  David Ryan

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/adavidryan

Location:  Greater Atlanta, GA Area

Scratch Music Group / Scratch DJ Academy

Headquartered in New York City, with locations in Los Angeles and Miami, Scratch Music Group captures the power of music and in turn empowers brands to strategically leverage it as an asset. Since its inception in 2003, SMG has become the leading music solution provider for many of the world's top brands. SMG brings together the most talented individuals from music, marketing, and technology and leverages their knowledge and expertise to create and implement innovative products, programs, and services designed for distinction.

Website: www.scratchmusicgroup.com

Who: Rob Principe (Greater New York City Area)

Profile: http://www.scratchmusicgroup.com/main.html, http://www.dukemagazine.duke.edu/dukemag/issues/070803/depmini-principe.html

Location: New York City, New York; Los Angeles, California; Miami Florida


Gift card promotional programs are the key to selling more gift cards, and Seastone is the leader in gift card promotional programs.  With the broadest line of products on the market, continual innovation, and dependable execution and delivery, Seastone has taken a substantial lead in helping retailers promote their gift card programs and sell more gift cards.  In fact, Seastone is trusted by leading retailers in every retail segment.Through our Give-A-Gift™ brand we offer innovative product collections, as well as coordinated gift card programs.  We can also help you design and develop a fully customized program.  Partner with the leader in gift card promotional programs.

Website: www.seastone.com

Who: Warren Osborn

Profile: http://marriottschool.byu.edu/advisoryboard/detail.cfm?mem=1182&group=3, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/warren-osborn/0/1b5/736

Location: Provo, Utah


Shoeboxed makes it easy to organize and manage your receipts for expense reports, tax returns, budgeting, and for returns and exchanges. We'll also help you organize your business cards for an easy way to manage your contacts. And since we do the scanning and data entry, you'll have all the data and organization but won't do any of the hard work.

Website: www.shoeboxed.com

Who: Taylor Mingos

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/3/260/7a5, http://www.crunchbase.com/person/taylor-mingos

Location: Durham (RTP), North Carolina

Sound Pure LLC

Atlas recently opened a new business venture in the heart of Durham--a combination recording studio and specialty guitar boutique with the professional audio equipment sales and distribution business he began as a Duke undergrad. During his freshman year, Atlas began recording campus events and concerts as a free-lance recording engineer. As that business grew, the young entrepreneur sought out ways to improve the quality of his recordings by investing in high end microphones and recording equipment--by 1999 he complemented his engineering enterprise with on-line equipment sales using profits he re-invested into the business: "I wired my life savings, started importing Neumann microphones and putting them on e-Bay back in its infancy...it was a way for me to have a supplemental business, but also acquire a lot of the equipment for myself..."


Who: Todd Atlas

Chris Boerner

Profile: http://music.duke.edu/profiles/profile_atlas_boerner.php

Location: Durham (RTP), North Carolina


Sports Endeavors/Eurosport

The mission statement of Sports Endeavors is to be the worlds leading authentic grassroots soccer and lacrosse company, building strong relationships in a vibrant, creative and ethical environment. To inform, inspire and innovate. This idea reflects all that Sports Endeavors, Inc. stands for and is the basis for the way we conduct business. Based in Hillsborough, North Carolina, Sports Endeavors, Inc. was founded in 1984 by the Moylan family to provide American soccer players with equipment and information unavailable anywhere else. Since our first catalog hit the presses, Eurosport, the Fabled Soccer Traders have worked to promote the game of soccer at all levels and to educate players, officials and their families about our sport and its equipment.

Website: www.soccer.com, www.sportsendeavors.com, www.lacrosse.com

Who: Brendan Moylan

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/5/418/571

Location: Hillsborough (RTP), North Carolina

Spotless Strollers & Seats

Spotless Strollers and Seats (working name, may change soon) is an eco-friendly cleaning service for baby car seats and strollers. We're creating a new market and solving a huge pain point for moms. Have funding and hoping to scale quickly through franchising after launch in June 2010.

Website: www.cleanbeebaby.com

Who: Jennifer Beall

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/profile?viewProfile=&key=5489806&trk=tab_pro

Location: Greater Chicago Area

Stellar Media

From its offices near the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, Stellar Media is committed to providing quality writing, editing, and video production services to businesses and nonprofits around the world. It is not enough to have a great service, product or talent. You have to communicate what makes you special to the world.  The Stellar Media produces everything from press releases to video to Flash animation and is in the process of adding website design to its portfolio of servcies.

Website: www.stellarmediaonline.com

Who: Eric Larson

Profile: http://www.stellarmediaonline.com/about/meet-our-staff/

Location: Candler, North Carolina

Strategic 1031 Exchange Advisors

Strategic 1031 Exchange Advisors (“SEA”), is an Atlanta-based consulting firm and qualified intermediary that provides real estate and tax consulting services for clients structuring complex real estate transactions, with a specialization in 1031 exchanges for real estate investors and developers.  SEA’s clients include many of the most sophisticated global commercial and residential developers.

KNOWLEDGE: Within the 1031 exchange industry, there are numerous Qualified Intermediaries (QIs) that brand themselves as knowledgeable. Having knowledge of 1031 exchange rules and processes is not the same as experience or the ability to look at the larger investment landscape. SEA has the knowledge, but also understands application of the most sophisticated exchange strategies in any real estate environment. Our approach is to not only assist clients with clearly understanding the exchange process, but to surpass our competition through education and strategic business and tax planning. Well informed clients and peers in the financial services industry help all parties identify specific circumstances where an exchange is not only applicable, but the most efficient manner to attain specific business objectives and investment goals.

Website: www.sea1031.com

Who: James Freeman

Profile: http://www.sea1031.com/our-people-1031.html, http://www.linkedin.com/in/jameswheelerfreeman

Location: Atlanta, Georgia


Sweepery makes it easy for businesses to create online giveaways. Whether you're a web publisher, brand, or ad agency, Sweepery is a simple and cost-effective way to gather valuable contact and demographic information about both existing and potential customers. In a world defined by huge up-front costs and painfully slow campaign creation, Sweepery giveaway widgets are easily integrated, free to set up, and rapidly customized to get precisely the data your business needs. Incentives work. Over 82% of people are happy to provide information about themselves in exchange for a chance to win something. We've created Sweepery to put the power of incentive marketing in your hands.

Website: www.sweepery.com

Who: Matt Oesterle

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/oesterle

Location: San Francisco, California


Synecor evolved from the confluence of several synergistic strategic relationships, initially in the field of interventional cardiology, but has expanded its field to include all medical specialties such as obesity, spine therapeutics, and more. Synecor was founded by Dr. Richard Stack after two decades of collaboration with leading cardiologists, clinician-inventors, and scientists from across the nation and as an outgrowth of close working relationships among corporate leaders in the medical device industry, and experts at Duke University.

Website: www.synecor.com

Who: Richard Stack

Profile: http://www.synecor.com/managing_partners.htm#rs, http://www.synecor.com/p_management.html#stack

Location: Durham (RTP), North Carolina; Portola Valley, California

TechVest Ventures

TechVest International is a Consulting and Investing Company. We find appropriate investors and opportunities as needed. Specializing in Venture Development, we get deeply involved in our clients' businesses, sometimes investing, sometimes coordinating funding searches, usually bringing in others such as investment bankers and other venture capitalists as well as corporate partners to make the ventures succeed.

Website: www.techvest.com

Who: Michael Hentschel

Profile: http://www.spock.com/Michael-Hentschel-RhoFj1DI, http://sanfrancisco.bizjournals.com/gen/executive.html?excode=E806D46ED4CD4F55B7C12532CCF864AB, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/michael-hentschel/0/135/323

Location: Greensboro/Winston-Salem, North Carolina Area

The Carlyle Group

Established in 1987, The Carlyle Group is a private global investment firm that originates, structures and acts as lead equity investor in management-led buyouts, strategic minority equity investments, equity private placements, consolidations and buildups, and growth capital financings.The Carlyle Group is one of the world's largest private equity firms, with more than $85.5 billion under management. With 66 funds across four investment disciplines (buyouts, growth capital, real estate and leveraged finance), Carlyle combines global vision with local insight, relying on a top-flight team of 480+ investment professionals operating out of offices in 20 countries to uncover superior opportunities in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East/North Africa and Latin America.

Website: www.carlyle.com

Who: David Rubenstein

Profile: http://www.carlyle.com/Team/item5553.html, http://www.forbes.com/lists/2007/54/richlist07_David-Rubenstein_SQMN.html, http://www.thedeal.com/dealscape/2007/11/ma_outlook_2008_the_carlyle_gr.php

Location: Washington, DC


TheraNova is a medical device development company focused on developing solutions to large markets with unmet needs.  TheraNova accomplished this through two separate pathways- internal concept generation and development and external project support. The internal concept generation aspect of TheraNova is embodied in an intellectual property holding company that has filed patents for, and is in the process of incubating, multiple medical devices. TheraNova also supports external projects through the traditional contract Research and Development model.  TheraNova hopes to add contract manufacturing to its list of services and expects to do so in the near future.

Website: www.theranova.com

Who: Dan Burnett

Profile: http://www.theranova.com/management.html

Location: San Francisco, California

Think Digital

Think Digital, Inc. is an independent, state-of-the-art digital production studio and publisher that is well-positioned to become an industry leader in special interest subject matter.Think Digital bridges the gap between an original DVD content creation house and also a leading source for high-value special-interest DVD titles. Think Digital produces original, value-rich DVD works and distributes its properties through its own interactive web store as well as through a worldwide multi-channel distribution network which includes traditional retail outlets.

Website: www.thinkdigital.tv

Who: Greg Berkin (San Francisco Bay Area)

Profile: http://www.thinkdigital.tv/company.htm, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/greg-berkin/0/1a/216

Location: San Jose, California


Uloop empowers college students to buy, sell, promote and trade with classmates. We started in January '07 at UC Santa Barbara, and Uloop is now connecting students on college campuses across the country. Hundreds of thousands of students are using Uloop to sell textbooks, find roommates, events, housing, full-time and part-time jobs, internships and even rides home!

Website: www.uloop.com

Who: Corey Cleek (Greater Nashville Area)

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/coreycleek

Location:  Mountain View, California

wmsVision, Inc.

We're a lean organization specializing in lean solutions. We develop and apply SCE (Supply Chain Execution) applications, concentrating on warehouse management systems, lean manufacturing and distribution software... Inventory, cycle time, and labor reduction are the prime targets of our focus.Working with our clients, we've achieved some enviable results in industries ranging from drug distribution to telecommunications equipment manufacturing. We deliver software, integration, training, and customer support. We deliver and install hardware, as required. Customers get on-time, on-budget results. If you are seeking information about qualified, task-tested developers of warehouse management software, material control software, and inventory control systems, we invite you to learn more about us. Fully integrated or applied individually, wmsVision solutions enable clients to attain world-class customer satisfaction levels affordably, efficiently, and quickly.

Website: www.wmsvision.com

Who: Johnny Yuen

Profile: http://www.wmsvision.com/team.htm, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/johnny-yuen/12/327/1a

Location: Morrisville (RTP), North Carolina

X-Wire Technology

X-Wire Technology is an IT products and services company based in Chapel Hill, NC with our own STPI registered software development center in Mumbai, India.  We have successfully completed 500+ projects for global clients and our niche areas of expertise are internet security and custom product development.

We have successfully developed and launched Tizer Secure which offers unparalleled protection, privacy and performance for Windows PC users.
Supplanting traditional internet security solutions, Tizer Secure™ leverages the power of cloud computing and mass customization to fuse together advanced malware removal, internet security and system optimization tools into an all-in-one security solution that delivers unparalleled computer protection, privacy and performance.

Website: www.x-wiretechnology.com

Who: Joy Valentine

Profile: http://www.x-wiretechnology.com/Company/Key-person.php

Location: Chapel Hill (RTP), North Carolina


Yapta is intended to help you get a handle on fluctuating travel prices so that you know when to "buy low". Yapta conducts daily price checks on the specific flights and hotels that you choose, and alerts you when prices drop or when they fall within your budget. Yapta also alerts you when you can use your frequent flier miles to book award seats on the flights of your choice. Yapta will track the price of the flights you've already booked and - if the price drops below what you paid - it will alert you when you're eligible for a refund or travel credit from the airline.Since Yapta was launched in May 2007, the site has alerted hundreds-of-thousands of travelers to more than $150 million in travel savings.

Website: www.yapta.com

Who: Tom Romary

Profile: http://www.yapta.com/about/, http://travel.latimes.com/daily-deal-blog/index.php/yapta-ceo-qa-with-to-929/

Location: Greater Seattle Area, Washington


Yext is a collection of independent, authoritative, local online directories by category.

The Yellow Pages as a medium has become virtually non-existent as consumers have shifted to the internet to find local businesses. However, two main problems exist due to this shift:

1. the local search experience is awkward for consumers and
2. the local advertising experience is ineffective for local businesses.

Yext has set out to solve both of these problems by building a collection of authoritative vertical sites at Yext.com and creating authoritative sites in markets we believe are underserved. Yext is a superior local search alternative to traditional Yellow Pages, web directories, and search engines.

Website: www.yext.com

Who: Howard Lerman

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/howard-lerman/3/b03/3a

Location: New York City, New York


ZICO is 100% pure coconut water with natural flavor essences. With five essential electrolytes, more potassium than a banana, low acidity, no fat, no sugar added, and no cholesterol, ZICO is the natural, refreshing way to hydrate and replenish. As a company, we’re on a mission to tell the world that Mother Nature made a better sports drink, ZICO pure coconut water. We’re athletes. We drink ZICO daily (lots of it!), know it works and want to help others make the switch to ZICO too. We also think coconut water can become an important alternative agricultural product for the developing world and are committed to bring you ZICO in a socially and environmentally responsible and sustainable way.

Website: www.zico.com

Who: Mark Rampolla (Greater New York City Area)

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/mark-rampolla/0/701/765

Location: Hermosa Beach, California

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