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Interested in hosting an event and need some ideas?  Check out this selection of popular event forums.

Happy Hour
Standard forum to freely welcome and interact with attendees.  Good idea to give a welcome toast talking briefly about DukeGEN.  Works well with food and drink.
Elevator Pitches
Shares the spotlight among presenting companies, entrepreneurs, or business ideas.  Creates multiple points for follow-up conversations and encourages deeper engagement among attendees.  For best results, pitches should be limited to less than 5 minutes. 

Speed Networking
Best for groups of 20+ attendees.
Great forum to interact with as many people as possible. 
1. Meet
2. Network
3. Switch! (after a few minutes)

Breakout Sessions
Best for groups of 20+ attendees.
Provides forum to discuss multiple topics of shared interest among attendees.
1. Select topics of interest
2. Assign different topics to certain tables or areas of the room
3. Network and discuss according to interest group (facilitate as necessary)
Example: Organize a brainstorming or ideation session where the focus is to improve early-stage ideas.

Panel Discussion
Best for groups of 20+ attendees.
Presents multiple perspectives on a selected issue and facilitates diverse dialogue and discussion. 
1. Select moderator and panelists (2-4)
2. Introduce panel and start discussion with 2-3 questions
3. Open Q&A to audience and moderate as necessary
Keynote Speaker
Best for groups of 20+ attendees.
Works best with a high profile speaker on a topic of interest.  Creates a focal point for the event and builds a platform for conversations.
1. Introduce speaker
2. Speaker gives message
3. Q&A with audience
Contact - Howie Rhee ( with any questions or comments.