Hosting Roles & Responsibilities

Depending on the type of event you are hosting, here are two planning documents to help you prepare for you event
Below is additional information for how you should act as a host for the event. 

  1. As a host for the event, you should
    1. Be engaged 
      1. Many of our guests will have not been at Duke events in a long time.  We want to be welcoming, proactive, and helpful.
      2. Greet them at the door, say hello.  Have your badge on.
      3. Get them to make their own badge and sign in (if there's a sign in sheet).
    2. Get prepared
      1. Key components
        1. Banners up on the table / wall
        2. Sign-in badges (Avery 5395)
        3. Sharpies
        4. Sign-in sheet (if necessary)
        5. Stand up sign with sheet describing the event
      2. Arrive about an hour early
        1. There's always stuff that takes more time than you think to prepare
        2. People arrive early and they want to chat
    3. Connections
      1. For many of the attendees, being at a networking event brings up some anxiety, particularly "who should I speak with"
      2. As much as possible, we should try to make introductions between people with similar interests.
        1. Host: Ken, what sort of work do you do?
        2. Ken: I work on a tech startup in the social media space
        3. Host: Cool.  Have you met Jane Smith?  She's here and she also works in that space.
        4. Ken: No, I haven't.
        5. Host: Let me introduce you.
    4. Event Start
      1. If there's a formal part of the event where people have to be seated, one of the key roles is to gently go around telling people it's time to get seated.  
      2. Sometimes we flick the lights on and off a few times, slowly, to signal the program is going to start. 
    5. Cleanup
      1. We try to leave the venues reasonably clean.  Especially food and drinks that could spoil.
      2. Sometimes when people want to stay a really long time, we flick the lights off and on to signal it's the formal end of the event