Graduate School

Welcome Graduate School alumnus or student!

We're lucky to have some broad support at Duke University for promoting entrepreneurship among our alumni, our students, as well as staff, faculty, parents, and friends. Many of you have had success in your careers and are considering something entrepreneurial, whether it be helping a friend start a company, starting something of your own, or even investing in a startup company.  DukeGEN is your home for connecting with the many members of Duke's entrepreneurial community who share similar interests.

Let us know how we can help you!  Send a note to Howie at and let me know what we can do for you.

  • Get connected - Join the main DukeGEN Linkedin Group.  You'll be able to search our community and find people who can help you with your startup.  Also, you can take part in discussions on entrepreneurial topics within the Duke community.  Finally, we'll keep you informed about upcoming events.
  • Check out our profiles of entrepreneurial alumni.  Read about some of the great things that Duke alumni have done.
  • See a list of Duke-related startups.  There are a number of startups that have a connection to Duke, whether it be an alumnus that works at the company, a technology developed at Duke, or even an alumnus that helped start the company.
  • Come to one of our events.  We host a events in many locations - join us for one near you. 

Be entrepreneurial!

-The DukeGEN Co-Chairs

T. Reid Lewis '84, Co-Chair
Howie Rhee '04, Co-Chair
Michael Cann, Jr. '95, Co-Chair
Tom Powell '09, Co-Chair