Administration Advice

June 2009

Today, ICE held a meeting with two Duke Administrators to discuss the potential for a selective living community at Duke University which would be focused around entrepreneurship. Attending the meeting were both Howie Rhee, the Director of the Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Fuqua, and Larry Moneta, the Vice President of Student Affairs at Duke. During the meeting, we not only discussed the necessary steps in order to make the vision of an Entrepreneurial Living Group a reality, but also brainstormed for ideas that would make this venture a success.

According to Larry Moneta, the first step to creating an Entrepreneurial Living Group is building a community of students who are both passionate about the concept E-House and live active entrepreneurial lifestyles. This community of students will then need to create a support structure that fosters entrepreneurship at Duke University. Armed with both a vision for the E-House and a program fostering entrepreneurship, the community of students will have to convince Duke University that E-House will benefit Duke and that we have the conviction to make it a reality.

We have an immense journey ahead of us. However, creating a close-knit living group at Duke University where each person’s passion for entrepreneurship fuels his neighbor’s, where friends support each other’s entrepreneurial ventures not only at Duke, but for years to come and where an entrepreneurial discussions doesn’t mean discussing hypothetical ventures, but advising friends on their next strategic step….creating that will be definitely worth it.

If you want to be part of the team that makes E-House a reality, send an e-mail to introducing yourself or find more information at