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COOP Systems seeking COO - Herndon, VA (Washington, DC)

posted Jun 3, 2010, 10:52 AM by T. Reid Lewis
COO Job Description

The COO supports the work of the company's chief executive officer.  The focus is on the establishment and optimization of day-to-day operations in the company.  All major internal department heads responsible for delivering company services report to the COO, including:

•      IT Infrastructure
•      Software Development
•      Sales and Marketing
•      Account Management

Responsibilities of the COO:

1.           Advise management team and make recommendations on key issues.
2.           Participate in strategic planning and resource allocation.
3.           Establish new operational processes and improve existing processes..
4.           Manage implementation of strategy, including budgets and timelines.
5.           Ensure quality company processes for customer acquisition and delivery of services.
6.           Ensure all department heads are fully informed of operational objectives.
7.           Set aggressive, achievable goals for each department.
8.           Establish and monitor performance reporting systems.
9.           Monitor department performance against goals to ensure progress is being made.
10.      Ensure that priorities are clear and coordination is good.
11.      Ensure activities comply with quality management and legal stipulations.
12.      Facilitate resolution of issues between departments.
13.      Take charge in high-priority crises.

Personal characteristics required for chief operating officer:

• Ability to lead, plan and manage change.
• Passion and willingness to become immersed in work.
• Initiative.
• Strong organizational skills.
• Strong time management skills.
• Strong negotiation skills.
• The ability to set priorities.
• Good communication skills.

What You Can Expect by Joining Our Team:
 A competitive salary and stock options

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