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Ringio seeking Summer Interns - McLean, VA (Washington, DC)

posted Apr 28, 2011, 7:42 PM by T. Reid Lewis
Ringio Summer Internship Application

Entrepreneurship is about making customers happy, then taking their money. And getting more efficient every time.

Do you have entrepreneurial aspirations but feel you still have much to learn? 

You will not find a faster way to ramp up your knowledge than in the trenches with veterans. And no better way to prepare to run your own venture than to ride side by side with people that have done it before.

At Ringio, we have a track record of taking college grads and launching them into their careers faster and better than anywhere else in the DC region. Our recruits have gone on to work for some of the best companies in high tech: Facebook, Google, Amazon and gone on to create their own profitable ventures.

We also have a track record of company building, of creating real value.

If you are smart (and we mean real smart), driven and have a great attitude you will find great rewards at Ringio. What kind? The kind of reward that comes from being in control of how you do things, of seeing your ideas make a huge impact in the outcomes of the business, of getting true recognition from highly respected entrepreneurs who will act and treat you like a peer. And of course, riches.

You will get real-life learning about how to build and grow a business. The kind of learning that will save you from many company-ending mistakes later in life. The kind that you'll go back to as you see people your age make perfectly avoidable blunders.

If you haven't done so please go ahead and read "Earn or Learn" by Mark Suster. 

So Ringio is primarily a learning opportunity. It's a lab to test out ideas about customer acquisition, growth, cloud computing. But also organization. Business models. How to serve small businesses. Leading edge communications technology. Incredible user experiences.

What about earning? Well, you'll get a decent salary and a good chunk of equity. Your share in the business will make you a few hundred thousand bucks when we have an exit. Enough money for you to seed start a great new venture without having to waste your time fundraising. 

What we are looking for:

* Intellectual horsepower - show us how smart you are
* Positive attitude - for you problems are opportunities. You relish challenges. You have boundless energy.
* Resourcefulness and coachability - you can learn how to solve problems fast and you listen to others and adapt your approach
* Great communicator - you can talk to people, write, shoot video, blog, and in all those forms of communication you come across as effortlessly smart and likable
* Technical acumen - you're the kind of person who your friends and relatives go to to get tech support and ask for tech advice.

What you'll be doing:
Your primary mission will be to help us grow our customer base. This involves:

* Sales-related activities, such as talking to prospects and explaining the Ringio value prop, understanding their needs, and proposing a good solution for them
* Service / support related activities, such as on-boarding customers, answering their support tickets, moderating our user community, making videos, articles and how-to blog posts
* Marketing activities, such as promoting Ringio on Twitter, Facebook and the broader web, submitting material to community sites, running SEM and SEO campaigns, talking to journalists and bloggers, running events and webinars.
* Product management activities, such as collecting, organizing and prioritizing feedback from users and channeling it to engineers and techies, launching new software and getting the Ringio audiences engaged and excited, writing success stories by interviewing our customers. 
What we're offering:

* A decent stipend of $1k/mo. So you don't feel you're working for nuthin'.
* An amazing bonus. If your startup growth initiatives meet your targets, you will make several thousand $$$ in bonus money.
* Lots of training and education. One on one.
* Free advice on any of your business ideas. 10% of your time free to pursue those ideas.
* If you like us and we like you, a job offer at the end of the summer.

To learn more about Ringio, check us out here:


To apply, complete the application here: