Welcome to the DukeGEN Miami page. As with all of the DukeGEN regional interest groups, our goal is to "be a sophisticated and active network that helps create debate, dialogue, and lucky encounters between Duke entrepreneurs."

Let us know how we can help you and any ideas you may have for helping connect folks together in the Miami area.

Alumni, want to get involved?
- Join our city specific DukeGEN Miami - Facebook group (open to Duke students, alumni, faculty, staff)
- Send an email to us at:
- Come to one of our events

Students, interested in interning in Miami?
- View these Miami startups on AngelList

Great Miami Resources
Check out the following resources:
Key Places in Miami:
• Lab Miami: Lab Miami is one of the centrepieces of the Miami Startup Ecosystem. It is ostensibly a coworking space and home to many Miami startups, but it is also much more than this as it hosts many events throughout the year and has a coding school and many programs that are useful to budding entrepreneurs like yourselves. If you’re going to be here for the summer, take a look through the events that are going on here as well as classes and programs.

• Venture Hive: Venture Hive is also a co-working space and education center that caters to many companies and entrepreneurs in the Miami area. Hive was also selected as the location of Microsoft’s first US-based Innovation Center.

Key Resources for Visiting or Staying in Miami:

Note on the resources listed on this page:
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