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Monday, 9/15/2008 Entrepreneurship 101: "Overview"
  • Aaron Patzer ‘02
  • Founder and CEO of 
  • (Winner of the TechCrunch 40 in 2007)

Thursday , 9/25/08 Planning Your Startup 101: "Evaluating ideas and building a team"
  • plus: Idea Evaluation Workshop Event 
  • Dave Samuel,serial entrepreneur
  • Founder of Spinner, Grouper, and Brondell  

Thursday, 10/2/08 Financing 101: "Understand the different financing options"
  • plus: Duke Start-Up Challenge Matching Event
  • Rich West ‘79, biotech entrepreneur
  • CEO of Advanced Liquid Logic

Thursday, 10/9/08 VC 101: "Introduction to Venture Capital"
  • Rob Hallford '05, venture capitalist, Pappas Ventures
  • Amy Laverdiere '09, Hatteras Venture Partners

Wednesday, 10/15/08 Intellectual Property Overview for Entrepreneurs
  • Kaz Kazenske, Senior Director at Microsoft and former Deputy Commissioner of the USPTO 
  • Rose Ritts, Executive Director, Office of Licensing and Ventures

Thursday, 10/16/08 Business Plans 101: "Present your idea to investors"
  • including detailed analysis of How to Write a Business Plan
  • Matt Kane '06
  • CEO of Precision Biosciences

10/23/08 Break

10/30/08 Social Entrepreneurship 101: "Financing social ventures"
  • Rick Larson, venture capitalist
  • formerly of SJF Ventures

Thursday, 11/6/08 VC 102: "Advanced Venture Capital Topics: Deal Flow, Term Sheets, etc"
  • Katrin Burt ‘04, venture capitalist
  • Intersouth Partners

Thursday, 11/13/08 Elevator Pitches 101: "Sell your idea/company in under 1 minute"

Entrepreneurship Week at Duke University
Part of Global Entrepreneurship Week
  • Undergraduate Day, Monday, 4:00-9:00 PM, Von Canon Rooms, Bryan Center
    • "Hands-on workshop for all undergraduates (even those with no business experience)" 
    • Target Audience: Undergraduates
  • Office of Licensing and Ventures Meet and Greet, Tuesday, 8:30-10:00AM, Two locations
    • Two locations:  Schiciano Atrium and Hall of Science - LSRC
    • "Connect with Invention Managers from the Office of Licensing and Ventures"
    • Target Audience: Inventors at Duke (both faculty and students)
  • Technology Day, Tuesday, 11:30 AM-4:00 PM, Searle Center
    • Exploring entrepreneurship in medicine, science and engineering
    • Lunch Keynote by Ralph Snyderman, Chancellor Emeritus, Duke University, Founder and Chairman of Proventys
    • Sponsored by Wyrick Robbins
    • "Turn your research & inventions into a startup and explore career paths other than academia"
    • There are two tracks: Life Sciences (for School of Medicine, BME, etc...) and Technology (for CS, ECE, Physics, etc...)
    • Target Audience: Students in the School of Medicine, Graduate School, MEMP, and Pratt
  • Office of Licensing and Ventures Showcase & inDuke Frontiers, Tuesday, 4:00-8:30 PM, Searle Center
    • "Linking Ideas to Impact – Showcase from the Duke Office of Licensing & Ventures"
    • In partnership with inDuke Frontiers
    • Target Audience: All students, and all industry practitioners
  • Fuqua & Law Day, Wednesday, 11:00 AM-7:30 PM, Fuqua School of Business
    • "How do your professional school skills apply in the startup world?" 
    • Target Audience: Fuqua, Law, and other Professional school students
  • Duke Start-Up Challenge: Elevator Pitch Competition, Wednesday, 7:30-9:30PM, Fuqua
    • "Students pitch their business ideas and compete for cash prizes."
    • Target Audience: All students
  • Duke Entrepreneurship Education Series Day, Thursday, 5:00-9:00 PM, Fuqua
    • Sponsored by Graduate Student Affairs
    • "Great speakers and a great chance to meet other folks"
    • 5:30pm - Will Pearson '01, Co-founder and President, mental_floss magazine
    • 6:30pm - Coach David Cutcliffe, Head Coach of Duke Football
    • Target Audience: All students and alumni
  • Tour of RTP, Friday, 8:15AM-5:00 PM, Various Locations in RTP
    • "Get off campus and see several of the neat companies that are in Research Triangle Park"
    • There are three tracks: Social Entrepreneurship, Life Sciences, and Web/Software
    • Target Audience: All students
  • RTP Startup Showcase/Fuqua Friday, Friday, 5:00PM-9:00PM, Fuqua School of Business
    • "Come to a good party, with free food and drink, and see 30 of the top startups from Research Triangle Park"
    • Target Audience: All students
  • The One Day Startup, Saturday, 9:30AM-6:00 PM, TBD

    • "Start a company in one day with a set of lectures, workshops, and with the help of mentors.
    • Target Audience: All students. However, students must apply and there are only a limited number of spots available.

Thursday, 12/4/08 Intellectual Property 101 "Protect your ideas, make them an asset"
  • Lawrence Boyd ‘07 Palmetto Biomedical

Thursday, 1/22/09 Business Plans 101 (Reprise) "Present your ideas to investors"
  • including detailed analysis of How to Write a Business Plan
  • Frank Zenie, Serial Entrepreneur
  • Founder of Zymark, Automated Sample 

Thursday, 2/12/09 Startup Financials 101 "Prepare simple startup financials that an investor will appreciate"
  • Bobby Bahram, Startup CFO 
  • CFO of Radarfind
Thursday, 4/16/09 Intellectual Property for Startups
  • Richard Allan Horning