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15th DukeGEN Startup Showcase - NYC

posted Aug 22, 2016, 7:26 PM by Coco Chen   [ updated Nov 11, 2016, 12:01 PM ]
You're invited!  Attend our 15th DukeGEN Startup Showcase in New York City. The DukeGEN Startup Showcase is a great event for learning about entrepreneurship, seeing the latest Duke startups, and meeting other entrepreneurial Dukies.  We select several startups founded by Dukies to pitch to a panel of Duke investors. See our blog posts summarizing past events: 2011 in NYC, 2011 in San Francisco, and 2010 in NYC.
This event will be held on November 14th, 2016 at Yext (1 Madison Avenue, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10010). **Space is limited**

Teams Presenting:

Broadway Plus
Nathaniel Hill - Trinity '12


Jeff Hu - Pratt ‘09

New York

Ello Raw

Becky Holmes - Trinity '15



Taylor Jacobson - Trinity ‘07

City: New York


Andrew Landis - Trinity '89

New York

Lisa Ganderson - Fuqua/Nicholas '14
Rachael Classi - Fuqua '14


Erick Rabin - Trinity ‘09

New York


Seth Squadron - Trinity ‘97

Bedford Hills


Cefi Menda - Trinity ‘16

City: New York

Our panelists for this year's event include:

Adam Besvinick - Duke '09
Deep Fork Capital

Amanda Freeman - Duke '97

Andrew Brown - Duke '11

Darien Covelens - Duke '12

Jonathan Drillings - Duke '04
The Riverside

Mangesh Hattikudur - Duke '01

Steve Brotman - Duke '90
Alpha Venture Partners

Next steps:

- Want to attend? RSVP on SquadUp or on Facebook 
- Want to watch the livestream? Watch live on YouTube (the program starts at 7pm ET)  

Hosted by 
Sara Adam '13
Darien Covelens '12
Molly Himmelstein '12
Devon Bostock '11, '12
Howie Rhee '04
Kelly Garvy '15

This event is sponsored by Duke alum Matt Tolnick, and his startup Lawless Jerky. Tolnick founded Lawless Jerky after deciding his career in law was making him decidedly less happy. Following a successful Kickstarter launch, Lawless Jerky has thrived over the past 3 years. Differentiated by its all-natural profile, use of better ingredients and seven world-inspired Braver Flavers™, Lawless Jerky is available nationwide at more than 8,000 stores, and at top online retailers.

At Lawless Jerky, half of our executives are Duke alums as well as half a dozen of our investors.

Questions?  Email us at