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By Duke Entrepreneurs, for Duke Entrepreneurs

Hi everyone,

For those of you who are actively starting a company, we have a group to help you.

You're invited to join the Startup Support Group within DukeGEN.  Its purpose is to help Duke alumni entrepreneurs with their startups.

This is an opt-in group and is only meant for those of you who want to support Duke startups, or get support yourself.

(To just "generally" be a member of DukeGEN, stay connected with our LinkedIn group.)

The members of the group are other Duke alumni who are starting companies, and being a part of this group is a great way to support one another.


How to participate
  • Find team members - Post your startup idea (don't say anything confidential) and let people know what skills you are looking for
  • Get advice - Post a question about something related to your startup you need help with from the group.
So we can verify that you are in fact a Duke alumnus, please note 
  • What year you graduated
  • What school you graduated from (Trinity, Pratt, Fuqua, Law, Medicine, Nicholas, Sanford, etc...)

Please refrain from posting 

  • "general entrepreneurship posts" about entrepreneurial topics. (Use our LinkedIn group for that)
  • solicitations for jobs or consulting work

Join the Startup Support Group by clicking here.

Howie Rhee B '04
Co-chair of DukeGEN

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