DukeGEN Ambassadors Program

The DukeGEN Ambassadors Program lets members of Duke’s community (alumni, students, staff, faculty, parents, and friends of Duke) become volunteers for DukeGEN.

We have three sets of Ambassadors:
  • Student Ambassadors (per degree program class at Duke)
  • Regional Ambassadors
  • Industry Ambassadors


Primary Responsibilities of Ambassadors:
  • Understand what DukeGEN is and be able to explain it to new members.
  • Encourage useful connections between Dukies.
  • Host one event a year to better connect all members of your subgroup. .
    • For Student Ambassadors, this would be an Information Session or Happy Hour.
    • For Regional Ambassadors, this would be the Networking Events.
    • For Industry Ambassadors, this would be a Virtual Mentoring Call.  This is a call where 2-5 Duke startups pitch to a panel of 2-3 Duke investors/entrepreneurs.  Each group has 7 minutes of presentation followed by 7 minutes of Q&A. The panel gives the startups valuable feedback.  .

Optional Commitments for Regional Ambassadors:
  • Create a local entrepreneurs roundtable for active entrepreneurs only (There is one running in SF).
  • Help identify local Duke-related startups and connect to the correct Industry Ambassador.

Optional Commitments for Industry Ambassadors:
  • Help maintain a list of all Duke-related startups in your industry.
  • Solicit and consolidate “news updates” about Duke-related startups on a quarterly basis (like “class notes” but targeted at startups).
  • Help match Mentors with Duke-related startups.


The term for an Ambassadorship is one year, renewable at the mutual agreement of both parties (the Ambassador and the DukeGEN Co-chairs).
Ambassadors are expected to follow all aspects of Duke's Honor Code. DukeGEN retains the rights to terminate ambassadorships without cause at any time.

Interested?  Then fill out this application